Pharmacists Loan

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Pharmacists Loan

Features & benefits

  • Un-secured loan with Monthly installment to finance your own personal needs
  • Available in Egyptian Pounds only
  • No guarantor required
  • Easy access to your account through the Online Banking platform
  • Loan amount up to EGP 250K based on pharmacy years in business & up to EGP 1M based on income proof (bank statement).
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Flexible loan repayment period from 12 months to 84 months
  • Life insurance during the loan repayment period
  • Possibility to settle the customer's financial commitments with other banks (buyout)
  • Possibility of top-up during the loan lifetime


General required documents

  • Valid national ID
  • Tax card
  • Commercial registration
  • Syndicate ID
  • Pharmacy license
  • Utility bill (maximum 3 months)
  • Bank Statement (for income proof only)

Additional documents might be requested based on each program

To submit an application or for more information, please visit your nearest branch or call 16710