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Meeza Card


Meeza is a national card, allows customers to pay different governmental payments, proceed with purchases transaction (POS and Internet transactions), and reload the card (prepaid).


Meeza Card Features:


  • Available for Egyptian individuals only starting from 16 years’ old

  • Available for EBE and non EBE – customers

  • Card will be sold instantly through any EBE branch

  • Nameless card

  • Reloadable through EBE branches (Deposit)

  • In – store purchases from more than 88 thousand merchants (POS)

  • Cash withdrawal through EBE’s ATM network and local network 123

  • Card validity 5 years

  • Card activation through EBE contact center 16710

  • Ease the Governmental payments


How to apply?

 Visit the nearest EBE branch


Required Documents:

 Valid national ID