Credit Card Promotion

Credit Card Promotion

Campaign Offer:

20% cashback up to 2000 EGP with the following breakdown


    • For Classic: 20% cashback up at 500 EGP
    • For Gold: 20% cashback up to at 1000 EGP
    • For Platinum: 20% cashback up to  at 2000 EGP


Campaign Duration:

From December 24, 2019 till January 31, 2020


Targeted Segment:

  • All types of credit cards (classic, gold, and platinum), whether secured or unsecured
  • This offer is valid for primary and supplementary cards


Campaign Terms and Conditions:

  • This offer includes purchases in foreign currency, whether in stores or via the internet
  • The minimum for purchase transactions is $ 200 or the equivalent in foreign currencies, whether it is one transaction or the sum of the transactions
  • Refunds will be executed next month of the transaction in the billing cycle for the card with the highest amount of purchases in the event that there is more than one credit card for the customer
  • The cashback that will be refunded to the customer's card is a maximum of 2,000 EGP and according to the card type maximum cap
  • There is no maximum number of transactions during the campaign
  • Canceled or bounced transactions and/or transactions in local currency are not counted