Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

Strategy General Framework

The general framework is mail concerned with facilitating the national effort to formalize the informal sector by spreading the culture of financial inclusion, digitalization, and the development of financial products targeting financially marginalized demographics, with special interest in youth, women, and minorities. Financial inclusion efforts also target entrepreneurs and business men – particularly exporters - as well as their supply chain partners in order to boost their competitiveness in international markets. 


To be the preferred partner to our clients by providing a menu of smart, innovative, holistic products aiming to spread the culture of financial inclusion through the country with special interest to clients’ needs and demands.


  • Adopting an ambitious strategy through the collaboration of different bank’s departments, utilizing top of the line technology in order to reach our financial inclusion goals.
  • Geographic expansion in order to cover most of the nation
  • Special interest in financially marginalized demographics
  • Expanding and diversifying client base with special interest in exporters and their value added chain
  • Offering exceptional financial and non-financial products to facilitate achieving sustainable growth in finical inclusion as well higher profit rates for the bank if possible
  • Digitalization as well as expanding the number of digital products
  • Updating digital infrastructure as well as firewalls to align with the banks strategy for financial inclusion.
  • Collaboration and partnership with governmental insertions and organization as well as non-governmental organizations as well as telecommunication companies, hypermarkets, unorthodox organizations and Fintechs to reach the targeted demographics 

Targeted Demographics 

Special attention to the financially marginalized demographics, such as women youth and minorities as well entrepreneurs and businessmen. This is to be achieved through collaboration with development organizations, non-governmental organizations, microfinance institutions. In addition, offering financial and non-financial products and services that meet the needs of all of the aforementioned parties with special focus on offering the most efficient products to reach the largest segment possible over the strategy timeline.