Financial Institutions

Financial Institutions

FI Sector lies at the core of the International Banking Group acting as the focal point of contact for local and international financial institutions working with EBE. The sector main objectives are building and enhancing strong correspondent relationships worldwide; extending country limits to target African export markets in alignment with the Egyptian government strategy to boost Egyptian exports; acquiring new trade finance business, maintaining/procuring sources of foreign currency funds with various tenors at competitive rates.


The sector provides an array of products and services including trade finance, funded and unfunded risk participation, bilateral loans and funding arrangements, syndicated loans, payments facilitation, tailored/structured solutions and more. These services contribute directly in maximizing the bank's operational profits ahead, as well as, diversifying the bank's risk exposures, most importantly, facilitating our clients' business dealings, requirements, and satisfaction.


The sector manages its correspondent credit relationships through dedicated and experienced teams as follows:


  • Americas & Asia team
  • International Financial Institutions (IFIs) & Europe team
  • MENA Region team
  • Africa & Business Development team
  • FI Credit Assessment team


Along with procurement funds, the FI sector works on receiving technical assistance programs from international institutions such as European Investment Bank (EIB) and other multilateral donors for capacity building applying best practices across all business units.