Expo Star FAQs

  • How should I pay?

    1- On equally monthly installments for minimum 12 months
    2- On equally monthly installments for maximum 60 months

  • What are the maximum and minimum limit of financing?

    • Minimum 100000 EGP
    • Maximum 1000000 EGP

  • What is Expo STAR?

    is a financing for small business projects with an annual Turnover (sales) of 1 million EGP up to a sum of 10 million Egyptian pounds in order to raise efficiency/increase competitiveness/increase growth opportunities.

  • What is the purpose of financing?

    • Raise efficiency/increase competitiveness and increase opportunities through financing:
    1. Investment costs
    2. Increase strategic Inventory size
    3. Purchasing machines and equipment needed for this activity
    4. Purchasing development systems
    5. Payment for training expenses/exhibitions/contribution to increase growth opportunities

  • What terms should be available?

    • Egyptian nationality, full eligibility, good reputation according to the criteria established in this regard
    • the borrower's age should not be less than 21 years and not more than 64 years at the end of the loan period.
    • the activity is in place and the date of establishment is not less than two years.
    • minimum paid-up capital should not be less than 100 thousand.

  • Whom are our targeted clients?

    • All exporters clients
    • All activities which are related to the exporting process: Customers who belong to the value-added chain (producers of goods that are indirectly exported by selling them to exporting companies)
    • New Exporter (LC/LG or export contracts)