Mr. Ahmed Abdel-Ghany Mohamed Ismaeel

Representative National Investment Bank

Member of the Board of Directors, representing National Investment Bank. Mr. Ahmed Ismaeel holds a B.A. degree in Commerce and Diploma in Investment and Finance, Faculty of Commerce - Ain Shams University; he has also completed the preliminary studies for the Master’s degree at the Environmental Research and Studies Institute. He is currently the bank’s Senior Deputy for the Finance and Credit of the Service Projects Directorates within Local Management. He occupied several posts at National Investment Bank among which was the General Manager for Feasibility Studies - Authorities and Economic Units’ Projects Sector. In addition, he supervised the Housing, Urbanization, Health & Social Services and Media Projects Department. He is also a member of several committees among which are, the Securities Portfolio follow-up Committee, Joint Securities Portfolio Committee and other committees. Moreover, he is a member of the Board of Directors of the International Company for Leasing (Incolease), the Egyptian Sudanese Agricultural Integration Company, Samannoud Textiles & Towels Company and others. Mr. Ahmed Ismaeel has been with National Investment Bank since 1985 and has a total of 32 years of banking experience.